Awesome 100th Day Of School!

Seoul Campus second graders Emilie and Aiden tell us about celebrating one hundred days of school!


Do you know what we did on the 100th day of school? The PK to grade two students (Lower Years) at Seoul Campus celebrated the 100th day of school on January 25th, 2018. Learn about the things we did on the 100th day.

Most people dressed up like people that are 100 years old. Some people brought umbrellas or long sticks for canes. A few people brought fake mustaches and fake white hair. Dressing and acting like being 100 years old was awesome.

100Day1We went to different classrooms for five different 100th Day centers.  Each group was split up based on the house teams Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. In Ms. Hanna’s class, we did exercises.  We did 10 exercises 10 times each for a total of 100 exercises!  We also did a plank for 100 seconds. In Ms. McLeans’s class, we stacked 100 cups into the tallest tower. In Mrs. Bollinger’s class we made books with 100 stamps. In Mrs. Smith and Mrs. VanOosten’s classes we made 100th Day glasses and 100th Day hats.

After all those fun activities it was… PARTY TIME! When we had party time we danced around and did other fun stuff. We wore our 100th Day hats and our 100th Day glasses. They were a little too big for some of the kids but everybody had a great time.

Now that the 100th day of school has passed, we all can celebrate that we are 100 days smarter!

Thank you Kate Van Oosten for the great pictures!

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