Books, Buddies & A Bestseller!

Middle school English teacher Jess Kekelis interviews her student, Noel, about his writing process and recently published book.

Noel1The classroom buzzes and the sound of the computer keys surround him as he creates his story. “Writer’s block” has lost again as Noel finishes his last page of his latest tale.

It is just the end of another writing session for sixth grade student Noel Celestin. At age twelve, the New York native is a published author on Amazon and has many projects in the works! Aside from working passionately on his stories, Noel also appreciates the support of his friends and family.

Throughout Ores: The Mysteries of Prabalr and other stories, my brother Joshua always asked … to be the editor,” Noel said, “I wrote in a character named Jumi to represent him. He gives me ideas that I use or choose not to use.”

He also mentions his parents and friends at Korea International School in his book as people necessary to his writing process and helping him beat the block.

“I definitely believe in writer’s block as it happened to me a lot during the first five or six months that I worked on Ores. I was in the fifth grade when I started writing it, but felt that I did not have that much creativity without the people around me.”

Noel2He describes his spirit animal as a wolf “for the sole purpose of how cool and independent wolves are. They are leaders and can also work solo or with a group.” This is especially true when speaking about Noel’s writing and personal style.

Noel’s persistent mindset did not stop him from tackling obstacles along the way as he continued to edit and revise, while also balancing the transition into middle school. He added,”If I could tell everyone at KIS anything, I would say that if you have something you believe in or a dream, go through with it. It only matters what you think and you need to find people who believe in you.”

Noel better get ready for an influx of dedicated readers, especially since his book is available online. Check it out!

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