The Aikwangwon Experience

August 2017 KIS juniors traveled to the Aikwangwon Home & School For The Mentally & Physically Disabled as part of their experiential education trip. Scott Smith went as a chaperone and shares his experience below. Watch the video to learn more about Aikwangwon and hear from KIS juniors on the trip.

I had the good fortune to join our junior class to a magical place called Aikwangwon on the southern tip of the peninsula. The students spent three days working with the residents who carry the challenges of being mentally or physically handicapped. During my visit, I was able to interview Im-soon Kim, the ninety-two year old founder of Aikwangwon.  Sixty-five years ago, Aikwangwon started as an orphanage to rescue babies from the tragedies of the Korean War. During my interview with Mrs. Kim, she shared her moment of inspiration and her passion to serve her community. Mrs. Kim’s humanitarian accomplishments are so vast that she was given with the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership.

Scott Smith develops media for KIS and teaches technology at Seoul Campus.

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