Winter Concerts At Seoul Campus

Seoul Campus elementary fourth graders Steven and Andrew tell us about the Winter Concerts hosted before the holiday break.


If you missed the winter concerts, we will give you a legit summary of them. Our Lower Years concert took place on December 7th and the Upper Years concert took place on December 8th. They had a huge audience of parents and teachers, all holding phones and cameras.

PK and JK started it with a fabulous song and played the song themselves with various instruments. After they played, the Kindergartners did a unique song and dance and the did the finest performance I have seen from a kindergarten class.  

The first graders were doing a more focused performance because they have had years of experience performing in front of an audience. They put so much effort in so that they would look like professional singers.  

Then the second graders performed. They sang a song about things that they liked. It was wonderful because they each got to sing a solo and they could share something that was important to them.

The third graders played the xylophone and sang a song about a dog named Blue. They played together, sang the song and made a musical piece. As the curtain closed there was huge applause.

The fourth graders went up on stage as Ms. Sterner (our music teacher) explained what the fourth grade was focusing on. They played was “Birch Tree,” then “1,2,3,4,5.” After they finished there was another huge applause.

The fifth graders played a more advanced piece with eight beats.  Many types of music came together to make this fantastic piece: three xylophone parts, a ukulele part, a recorder part, a shekere part, a shaker part and a singing part.

In the end the upper years all came together to sing “Alleluia,” “Give Light” and “Cold Snap.” After two fantastic concerts, we showed that KIS Seoul Campus has an abundance of musical talent!

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