Grade 3B Supports Nyaka Orphanage

At Pangyo elementary Sarah Donalson’s grade three class decided to meet a need they learned about. This semester they fundraised to support two students at Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project school. Read 3B’s story about why Nyaka matters to them, what they did to help and what you can do too.

Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project is in a country named Uganda in Africa.  Many of the grown ups died because of AIDS/HIV, leaving children and grandparents behind.  The school provides clothing, food, education, homes, medicine, school supplies and clean water for the orphans that learn and live there.

Reasons Why We Raised Money

3B decided to donate money to help poor children that need help in Uganda so we made a fundraising project to sponsor a kid named Owen but when we got more money than we were supposed to have, we sponsored two people who are Owen and Rebecca. When the two kids heard that they got sponsored they got so excited they sent an email instead of sending their letters and pictures in the mailbox. The email had a picture of Owen and Rebecca! Think! If you didn’t have money and you just get sponsored wouldn’t it be lovely and awesome!? Well if you don’t think like that, try to be in Uganda without shelter and money. Then how would you feel? Would you want a donation so you could go to school?

Educated children can change the world and make it a better place by telling others how to do things (examples: times tables, writing, reading, etc.). [Educated children] know how to handle illnesses and also will spread their knowledge. Sponsoring someone is like throwing a pebble into a pond and creating a ripple effect and they have an opportunity to go to university and teach other people, or/and sponsor more people and save their lives.
– Thomas

We raised  money because our class knows that if girls grow into mothers they spread knowledge to their kids, so girls need education! This is why we chose to sponsor Rebecca too.

When A Child Is Educated, He Or She Spreads Knowledge…

When a child goes to school he or she learns mathematics, grammar and reading. She or he goes to college or university. They might go and learn more and get a graduate degree.Then he or she might have a child.  The parent will take care of the child, get a job and earn money. Then the child will be healthy. The parent will teach the child mathematics, grammar and reading. Then the child will go to school the child will learn mathematics, grammar and reading. Then the child will go to college and have a child and this will repeat for a long time.

How We Raised Money

Nyaka6We made or donated items to sell at our Nyaka store outside the elementary office. For example, Gabriel made trail mixes, Daliah made pot holders, Oliver and Keali made baked treats (e.g., cake pops, cupcakes); and Kian, Aiden, Aden and Jason donated books. Bin donated toys and Mr. Duffy bought Bin’s garbage truck. Hannah and Rinko made melty beads and Ethan and Hannah made creative Rainbow Loom bracelets.

3D helped us and gave up their recess too so we could sponsor Owen and Rebecca. Kyle from 3D even brought in brand new shoes! We gave up our recesses to work at our Nyaka store to raise money to sponsor two kids. Everyone in our class ended up staying in for recess to work at our Nyaka Store.  Ruvedha stayed inside because it’s cold and she wanted to stay warm.

Nyaka4We asked people to give donations instead of telling them a price! We attracted customers by running after and calling people to our store with signs. Leehae used hawking to call people and one day she got seven more people to come! Mr. Jacobsen was our main customer and bought a lot of stuff. Mr. Lee came to our store a lot too and donated a lot of money just for one book! We want to say “thank you!” We made 993 thousand won!


Nyaka1We earned almost one thousand dollars as a class! We felt happy and excited and proud of ourselves when we were sponsoring two students. We have the power to change the world. “Kids can also change the world, we have power!” says Jason and Oliver. Nathan adds, “One child can make a whole difference.” And Keali wants you to know, “Don’t be scared if you want to change the world.”

What Other People Should Do

Do you see that people are not able to go to school? Do you see people with no home? 3B helped kids in Nyaka and Thomas hopes other people “follow in our footsteps.” Kian believes that “nothing is impossible.”

One kid can change the world if you work hard! – Hannah

Thank you, each 3B student for writing this story! Thank you Sarah Donaldson for sharing pictures. Learn more about Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project and what you can do to support children’s education in Uganda. 

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