Second Grade Explorers!

Seoul Campus third graders Jayden and Ryan report on second graders’ recent explorer project.

2nd Grade Explorers(1)

In the first trimester, the second grade was working on an amazing project: it’s an Explorer project! The students got to share all of their amazing learning at their showcase on November 6th. During this Trans-Disciplinary Unit, students learned about geography, landscapes and mapping skills, and then connected that learning to their Explorer project.

2nd Grade Explorers(2)Many parents and teachers came to the showcase to learn the amazing facts from second grade. What kind of cool explorers would they find? We know that parents were really happy that second grade was involved in such an amazing project, and they saw that the second graders were really having a great time while working as hard as they could. They all were working on landforms in design and drew landscapes in art class. They learned about landforms in science class too. To demonstrate their learning to the people who attended the showcase, they created an Explorer Journal, a handmade explorer. They described pros and cons of living in a specific area, and they showed tools their explorer needed. If you attended the showcase, you should think that you are very lucky. Say, “I am lucky!” to yourself!

The people who came to the presentation were very lucky because they were able to see the amazing talents of our second grade students. We are so proud of the second graders because they were so brave in sharing their learning with all of those people!  We can’t wait to see what great work they will be doing in trimester two!

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