Visual Arts Interns Leave Legacy Through Service

Pangyo High art teachers Hannah Cone and Spencer Selbo recognize the department’s current high school interns. 

The high school visual art department has benefited greatly from the service of three student interns throughout the course of the semester and will add one more eager student next semester. These three interns, Cathy (grade 12), Hannah (grade 12), and Reena (grade 12) have all been involved with the KIS art department for several years as students in both 2D and 3D courses, with all of them having reached the highest levels in AP coursework.

Having developed a passion for art and art making, all three students got involved in the KIS Internship Program for different reasons. Reena, having an interest in pursuing a career in art education says

Art is a path that I have been on and will be pursuing for the years to come. Art education, in particular, interests me. From this internship opportunity, I believed that I would gain a broader spectrum and a deeper insight into art education.

Hannah has been working to learn more about the processes involved in running a ceramic studio. She has also been keeping the studio working for all KIS 3D art students.

Cathy is currently working as an intern for her second year with Ms. Cone, and is interested in getting the KIS community more involved with art. Cathy has been improving upon school murals, creating beautiful advertisements for the art shows, and developing a website for the department this year. In reflecting on her experience, Cathy says, “I am more than honored to be able to get the opportunity to see the “behind the scenes” of how the art department is run, especially in forms of the art curriculum and prep for art shows each year. Thus, I feel like a part of a special family, the arts community, thanks to the amazing Ms. Cone, Mr. Selbo, Ms. Kim, and Ms. Bycraft!”

If you are interested in getting involved more with the KIS Art Department, make sure to apply for next year. All of our interns will be graduating, but their service and commitment will carry on. They leave a lasting legacy through their passion for art, and we truly appreciate their efforts.


Text and photos from Hannah Cone and Spencer Selbo

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