Let’s Go On A Field Trip

Kayla and Sophia, Seoul Campus third graders, tell us about their field trip experience.

Do you want to go on a field trip? The third grade class has a great suggestion for you! The third graders went on a fun and informative trip to the Da Vinci Alive exhibit just before Thanksgiving on October 22nd. We went on this trip for our Trans Disciplinary Unit, Causes of Change, where we are learning about how important people from the past have impacted our future.

davinci6The exhibit was at Yongsan Memorial Center. All the third graders went on this trip with Ms. Lang, Ms. B, and Stanley’s mom came to help us too. When we first arrived, we walked through the war memorial. We saw lots of flags and the memorial wall with the names of the soldiers we should remember.

Davinci3Once we got inside, we went downstairs to where the special exhibit was taking place. We got head sets so that we could learn new information as we explored. In the first room, they showed us models of different inventions that Da Vinci made. We also saw a movie about the Last Supper. In the second room, we tried to use his inventions because they had cranks that we could move. The third room was a giant room that had floor to ceiling video. This was the place where they brought his artwork to life. All of his work was changed into colourful moving displays. In the fourth room, we learned the secrets of the Mona Lisa. In the end, we all got to pose inside a frame pretending that we were Mona Lisa.

This trip helped us because we could research about Leonardo Da Vinci. We are excited to learn more about Da Vinci and other important historical figures from the past. You should check out the exhibit before it closes.


Thank you Kayla and Sophia, Seoul Campus third graders, for sharing this field trip experience!

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