Legacy, Legacy, Legacy!

Middle school counselor Dr. Elethia Rhoden reflects on the semester’s advisory experience and looks ahead to next quarter.

Legacy, Legacy, Legacy… is the 2017- 2018 KIS theme for the year. But, what does that really mean?

In Quarter 1 (Q1) students defined what ‘Leaving Their Legacy’ meant, and they “built a wall” (by the cafeteria) out of bricks to highlight what their legacy meant to them. In Q2, Middle School concentrated on building positive relationships and how the “you” of every relationship can better that relationship.

This quarter, Middle School will complete a door design to highlight positive relationships. The door designs will be completed by December 15th (the last school day before the winter break), so we hope you get a chance to visit us and view all of the ideas they have put together.  

When we return from break, students will get an opportunity to visit other doors to see how they define and design positive relationships. As of today, students have earned a record number of “gotchas” for this quarter, all focused on ways that they can build and enhance positive relationships. A “gotcha” concentrates on the theme of the quarter. These can be nominated by a peer or teacher based on that student going above and beyond the requirement of an average KIS student. Whenever you get a chance, please help us celebrate our students highlighted on our Gotcha! wall outside of the MS office.

Positive Relationship gotchas
Mr. Majors at the Gotcha! wall
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