Student Press Team & SeoTV Covers MUN

The lights blazed down on me from above like the heat of the afternoon sun. I stood there frozen and tried to recall the complicated anchoring lines I had memorized just moments before. Stage fright! My muscles tensed and my heart beat faster and faster as the director yelled, “Quiet on set!” Roll camera. Roll sound. Action.

Clark 3SeoTV is a crash course in broadcast journalism that happens in Seoul each November as part of the Seoul Model United Nations Conference. I was lucky enough this year to be chosen as the anchor for each episode. Our Press Team had to assemble stories each day and take them from concept to finished product, operating within a strict schedule. Although the responsibilities were overwhelming, the rewards were immense. With the guidance of our advisers Ms. Ramsey and Mr. Miller, we produced three episodes that were a big hit with the 500 student participants.

I bask in the glow of the lights. My voice crackles to life for the conclusion of my debut as an anchor. “This has been Jennifer K. Thanks for joining us at SeoTV.”

Text from Jennifer, Pangyo High grade ten student

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