Another Aced Season!

In par with the new motto of the High School, the Phoenix Varsity Tennis teams have already brought their 2017 season to a close, leaving behind once again their own legacy to add to the growing story of seasons past. With only one coach to lead both the boys’ and girls’ teams for the first time, all players spent the season not only brushing up on their tennis skills, but also on their abilities to lead and thrive amongst their peers. Experiencing a season like none other, the 2017 Varsity Tennis Teams saw many new additions to the team, welcoming new freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to the tennis family.

Kim1The teams this year were given the opportunity to attend the Dragon Tournament hosted by the International School of Beijing (ISB) in Beijing, China, where they were able to experience tennis unlike that of Korea, such as co-ed doubles. The tournament had both its similarities and differences in regards to the AISA tournament that the teams had attended in years before, creating bonds with friends from new schools and still having just as much fun. Also, the Girls’ tennis team performed the best that they have in several seasons, overcoming both TCIS (Taejeon Christian International School) and SAHS (Seoul American High School) and placing 4th in conference this year. The many players ended the season with personal bests; third singles, first doubles, and second doubles placing 3rd, 3rd, and 2nd respectively. The boys’ team also kept up their winning streak, playing diligently to maintain their position in the conference ranking this season.

Kim3By now, everyone already knows that tennis at KIS is very different from other sports at this school. Without Junior Varsity teams, the team is represented by a variety of grade levels which adds to the diversity of personality amongst the players. Also, as tennis is a predominantly individual sport, there is a common misconception of a lack of team bonding compared to other “team” sports such as volleyball or soccer. However, as even volleyball and soccer players admit, the tennis team is one of the most tightly-bonded sports teams at KIS, bonding over long bus rides, playing competitive friendlies during practice, and upholding all the team traditions that have built up over the years at KIS. Truly, the team is a family in whatever they do; playing, winning, losing, partying, or traveling, always cheering each other on throughout their journeys.

Text from Lauren, Pangyo High grade twelve student

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