Grade Two KoLAB Expo: Get To Know Me!

Being new to a school can be difficult. Grade Two worked on a project that would help new students and teachers get to know them and they showed their work at KoLAB’s first expo of the year. Students designed, built and filled a “Get-To-Know-Me” kit that describes who they are as a person. In Design, students measured, cut and built a box and each came up with unique ways to decorate their box. Some students cut windows into the box to look at the contents or some put a handle on top and popsicle stick skis on the bottom for easy transport.

In Science, Grade Two worked on properties of matter. They put their new knowledge to use when designing something that they liked or that was important to them. They had to choose building materials that had properties necessary for it to be successful. All of these items were on display at the expo where students did a wonderful job presenting to parents, teachers and friends!

Text and photos from Heidi Peterson

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