Gamers Learn About Fun & Friendship!

Do you want to know what we’re doing in Gamers’ Club on Seoul Campus? Gamers’ Club is a club where you can play games. Gamers’ Club is led by Ms. Sterner and Ms. Jun!

gamer_s club4

In Gamers’ Club, you can play card games, board games, dice games, iPad games, party games and even outdoor games! But when we play iPad games, we play with  friends. In Gamers’ Club, the rule is to always play with a friend and if all your friends are busy you can play with your teachers too. If you don’t want to play the games that are in school, you can bring games from your house!

The one game that is the most popular in the whole wide world is Monopoly! This game is popular in Gamers’ Club too! People like Monopoly because Monopoly has many different designs and good characters and it is fun. Still, Monopoly is coming out in many new designs!

Gamers’ Club is a great time to make friends, learn new games, and have fun! Now if you want to play these games, come, come, come to GAMERS’ CLUB!

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Text by grade three students Ian C and Yerin S. Photos contributed by Helen Jun & Laura Sterner

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