Saturday Morning Hike


One recent Saturday morning, KIS took a hike to Daemosan Mountain. The hike included teachers, students and parents so we needed to make two groups for the hike, and use two buses to get us to the base of our adventure.

The two groups set for Daemosan. They hiked up the steep and slippery hill. The hills had colorful leaves all over the floor because it was fall/autumn. The rocks were covered in leaves so it was easy to trip. But all the colors were very beautiful.

The students and teachers saw some animals, like cats and squirrels, and some houses as well. When hikers reached the highest observation deck, they looked over Seoul from high  up on the mountain and then set off for KIS again. Once everyone reached the bottom, they got back on buses and left Mt. Daemosan. They were both excited and exhausted after a long tiring hike, but they knew what was coming – a luxurious BBQ!

When the two buses finally reached KIS, they had the BBQ. They had hot dogs, potato chips and cookies! They ate and played in the big field. After a few hours, a lot of teachers and students were playing mushroom ball, baseball, and were having fun!  After a while playing all these games, people slowly left and left, and soon the field was empty. It was a fun day with Seoul Campus at Daemosan, but all good things have to end. At least, until the spring when we get to do it again. We hope you join us next time!

Text from Seoul Campus fourth graders, Steve Y and Javier K. Photos from SC staff

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