Pottery Party!

The fifth graders have been reading a book called A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park. The book is about a poor orphan boy who wants to do pottery. So we made an event called the Pottery Party.

The Pottery Party is where you learn about pottery and get to have a chance to make your own bowl, cup or plate.

You can use the wheel, the pinch pot method, or the slab method. We had two teachers, Mr.Salbo, a high school art teacher, and Ariel Lee, a high school student. We are making pots for an auction to raise money for South Sudan.

How To Make A Pinch Pot:

Step 1: Make clay into a ball
Step 2: Use your thumb and push the middle of the clay
Step 3: Make your hand into lobster claws and pinch the side of the clay
Step 4: Move your hand around the place where you put your thumb in and stretch the spot until POOF! you have made a beautiful pot

It was a wonderful way to connect some ideas from the book we were reading in class to learning a whole new way to do art. In the end, we made lots of beautiful pots and inspired the start of a new hobby for many of the Seoul Campus fifth graders.

Text from Andrew L, a Seoul Campus fifth grader; photos from SC staff

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