Famous Francophone Statues

Mr. Plamondon’s Intro French middle school students participated in the Seoul Campus International Day on Tuesday October 12th. Students divided into groups of four were responsible for leading different stations: le bilboquet (a cup & ball game), le jeu breton (a ramp & balls game) and the Francophone statues. They were also able to explore the festival by participating in other stations to play games, learn about other cultures, and eat a variety of cultural food.

Prior to the festival, the French students learned how to introduce themselves. They researched a Francophone that they admired and became that person at the Seoul Campus. For about 20 minutes, students were statues of their Francophone who became alive when a guest pressed a “start” button in their hand. The French speaker would then give basic personal information about his/her life in French such as name, nationality, city of origin and age. This was followed by an explanation in French and English of why he/she is famous and three interesting facts about his/her life.

Many students and adults at the International Festival learned about French-speaking people such as: Napoléon Bonaparte the emperor, Jeanne d’Arc the heroine, André le géant the wrestler, Thierry Henry the soccer player, Gustave Eiffel the architect, Marie Curie the scientist, and Jacqueline Auriol the pilot. Some of Mr. Plamondon’s students were even famous fictional characters such as Tintin, Capitaine Haddock, and Milou (Tintin’s dog).

Mr. Plamondon and his students would like to share their appreciation to those who took the time to listen to the presentations.

Text and photos from Kim Plamondon.

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