PK & JK Explore The Great Outdoors!

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Seoul Campus Pre-Kindergarten (PK) and Junior-Kindergarten (JK) students are starting to gain an interest in nature these days during their outdoor exploration time. During the school day, they head out to the outdoor spaces in and around Seoul Campus to enjoy natural habitats. They have visited loop parks, the rooftop garden, and played with water tables. They like noticing things that interest them in nature. For example, two of the students happened to find interest in collecting cicada skins over the weekend, influenced by the explorations they went on in school. The students are also exploring different nature regions such as the woods, gardens and waterways. The PK and JK students got to pick flowers and basil from the garden.

Outdoor activities can be a great influence on health, and they are also a great way to have fun. Outdoor activities allow PK and JK students to enjoy fresh air, deepen their learning, and spend some time outdoors as part of their education. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn to preserve nature in a nice and fun way because it’s a safe adventure that is suitable for little children to bud out in green spaces. We encourage the parents to let their kids spend more time getting more into nature. Tra la la la la! Nature is so awesome!

Text and photos from Kailyn McLean, Kathrine vanOosten and Seoul Campus grade five students Chloe C and Chloe C.

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