KoLAB Corner Looks Back

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Last school year, we strived to further develop a Culture Of Hope in the KoLAB. We promoted and developed behaviors, attitudes, and dispositions of students that nurture successful, real-world learning. These values and mindsets help students get enthusiastic about their future, but at the same time, take in account the challenges that they may face in a positive manner.

KoLAB’s Culture Of Hope has created an innovation-friendly setting that allows students to be creative, inventive, and resourceful during culminating challenges. During the third trimester, first graders learned about light and sounds, and designed sound communication tools. In Science, third graders learned about the life cycle of endangered species, the inheritance and variation of traits, and natural selection. They applied their knowledge and skills to code a computer program that depicted the natural environment of an endangered species, two ideal parents, and an offspring with characteristics inherited from its parents.

Finally, our fifth graders were given the challenge of safely landing their “rover,” represented by an egg, from the fourth floor of the ES building. Next, they programmed a LEGO Mindstorm rover to retrieve valuable “Mars samples.” It was exciting for us as educators to see our students so excited about their culminating challenges.

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Text and photos from David Lee.

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