Grade 9 EE Trip: Testing The Waters


Testing The Waters is a trip that incorporates many individual challenges: the challenges that come with riding a bike, testing microplastics on the beach, and conquering a surfboard in the ocean. This trip fosters the exploration of identity through individual reflection on personal values and beliefs. There is an opportunity to be creative in trying to describe the sounds of coastal pine trees, the smell of salt water and the taste of warm, late August sunshine. This trip of unforgettable memories brings together all grade nine students.

Day one opened with a hike before arriving at a beach pension. On days two and three, groups rotated through activities: learning to surf, taking a bike ride, conducting beachfront research on microplastics, and going on an observational nature walk.

Reflections & Connections

Two chaperone teachers on the Grade 9 EE trip share their experiences here:

Nate Bisco writes his first impressions of KIS students. Spoiler: he gushes.
Alexis Celestin composes a poem to honor her advisory group.

After the trip, grade nine English students used their nature walk observations to practice descriptive writing. Grace Grade 9 Vignette.

Text and photos from Nate Bisco, Alexis Celestin, Cinda Cuthbertson, Kim McKelvie and Sarah Marslender.

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